Royal Frock Bubble

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The Royal Frock Bubble is springtime perfection. All the patterns in this look all compliment each other so delicately to create such a fresh and lively look for your girl. The main pattern of the bodice is a beautiful soft blue color. The large roses and rosebuds feature an array of bright and soft pinks creating a very feminine look. The light greens layered behind the roses lay perfectly against the blue creating the perfect spring time feel. The ruffles add both contrast and complimentary patterns to the bodice. The simple green and white striped pattern lays well against the deep pink floral pattern of the middle ruffle. The straps coincide with the middle pink ruffle and tie in a bow comfortably behind the neck. The most popular feature of the Royal Frock Bubble is of course the ruffles on the behind. There is just something about a cutie with a ruffly behind that is just too adorable.

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