Dream Chaser Overalls

$ 17.50

   The name of these Overalls tells a story for me! I have been chasing this dream of mine where I’m successful and a mom and a wife, where I make enough to support my family but also do the extras in life. Extras like vacations and music classes and dance and sports. I’m so lucky to be able to do what I love every single day. I have always considered myself to be a dream chaser, and I hope my kids see that and also chase their dreams. On the other side, I have been wanting to make overalls since Olivia was about 5 years old. Every time I made a sample it just didn’t come out right so I put them to the side. But Olivia is going to 9 this summer and what is more tween than some overalls?! I buckled down and perfected this pattern, and I have to say they came out better than I had dreamed. I can’t wait to see what kinda adventures and dreams your OMGs chase in these! 


Hair Pieces 
Right after I designed this collection, I reached out to Whimsical Woods with all of my ideas. The talented and creative owner, Ashley Madrid, was happy to be a part of it and caught the vision right away. We are so excited about this collaboration. All of her hair pieces are lovely and match each dress perfectly. We have worked with them on lots of collabs but this one is by far my favorite.

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