Cranberry Rose Maxi Dress - Olive Mae Clothing

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Cranberry Rose Maxi dress is a gorgeous number layered in cream tulle to the floor. A true princess she will feel. Vintage cranberry rose fabric on the bodice with a ruffle collar finishes it off perfectly. Two large gold buttons clasp in the back and ties knot in a gorgeous bow. Worthy of Christmas awe, this dress will be one of her favorites, all season long. Making Christmas look and feel as magical as it really is! 

  • 4 layers of long romantic tulle.
  • Vintage fabric and gold buttons on bodice.
  • Ties in back for a perfect fit.

    This Cranberry Rose dress will be the icing on the cookie! It will make Christmas time look and feel as magical as it really is! Think photo ops, twirling on stage, singing in church, family parties, and events to be remembered. Don't miss out, this unique number will go fast! 

    • Runs true to size and 100% cotton
    • Ships in 3-5 business days
    • Speciality made in Dallas, TX
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