Olive Mae Clothing BST Group and Social Media

You will want to join our Olive Mae Insiders Club too! We regularly post fun games in all of these groups and hope to see you there!
Because each one of our products released is a limited edition our fans have created a facebook page where they buy, sell and trade items called Olive Mae BST. This is a wonderful way to get great pieces you missed out on and also let other girls enjoy pieces after your girl has outgrown them. 
Another group dedicated to Olive Mae is the Olive Mae Sneaks, Upcoming Sales, OOTD, & Chat Group
We are also active on Instagram and have several pages! 
Main page - @olivemaecltohing
OMG pics - @olivemaegirls
Behind the Scenes - @olivemaeclothingbts
Destash (checked once a week) - @olivemaeclothing_destash
Here is the link to our main Facebook page - https://www.facebook.com/OliveMaeClothing/

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