If you're new to the boutique clothing world then welcome! Here are a few answers to the most frequently asked questions we get. If there is a question here we didn't answer, please feel free to ask us at customerservice@olivemaeclothing.com. 

When do new things load?

We load our new designs every Monday evening at 7pm CST and Thursday morning at 10am CST.

How do I order?

On the release day simply go to our website, click shop, have a coffee while you wait for your dress to load. Refresh page at the time of release for it to pop up. It will load to the top of the page and be the first thing you see. It's helpful to have an account set up before release time on Mondays and Thursdays so you can check out more quickly.

What is a Cart Pass and how do I get one?

A cart pass is a way to purchase the product before its official release date. They cost $10. When you purchase a Cart Pass you will be sent a code to unlock you item on the Coming Soon page. 

Cart Pass codes are non-refundable and must be used in a timely manner. If you have purchased a Cart Pass for a Monday release then you should use the code at the latest by noon, the day of, at the latest, and for Thursday releases the codes should be used by Wednesday, the day before, at 3 pm.

One Cart Pass is good for the purchase of ONE item. If you purchase more than one item and there is no record of purchasing more than one cart pass then your order will be refunded for the number of items that a cart pass was not purchased for.

We send the cart passes out one by one. If you purchase a cart pass after 3:00 pm CST on a Thursday then it might not get to you until Monday morning. They must still be used by noon CST on Monday even if you do not get them until Monday morning, so please make sure you use your code as soon as possible.

If for any reason you are unable to use a cart pass then please e-mail us at customerservice@olivemaeclothing.com

I see dresses on social media that you don't have yet, whats up with that?

We love sharing sneak peaks of our upcoming dresses so you know exactly what is coming out and when. We post the release date with most posts but if you're not sure just comment and we'll get back to you. 

Are your dresses really handmade?

Absolutely! We have amazingly talented seamstresses who sew every single dress in our shop. For this reason you may notice slight differences between each item (i.e. button shape/color/size, trim, fabric placement, image placement on tees). If you are unhappy with your dress in any way, please refer to our return policy.

 When will my order ship?

Orders typically ship within 3-5 business days from release date, or order date, whichever is later. Most items include estimated ship time in the product description. 

What are rewards points?

We love rewards here at Olive Mae! Every time you make a purchase when you are logged into your account you earn 1 point for every dollar you spend. Different points amounts can be claimed for different rewards! 

Can my child be an Olive Mae Model?

Our photographer chooses our models, but we do hold Brand Rep and Brand Enthusiast Searches several times throughout the year! So keep an eye out on Instagram and Facebook for updates about that! 

Can I return an item?

Please review our return policy here and if you are eligible to return an item then you may do so for a refund of store credit for the price of the item only. Shipping will not be refunded.

Items from orders that contain a free item, or an item that was a part of a special offer (i.e specialty box or box, hidden items that appear at time of checkout, OMGtee launch) may not be returned.

May I cancel my order?

We DO NOT cancel orders. We understand that with so many gorgeous designs, you may occasionally purchase something and then see something else on our site that you would rather have, but asking us to cancel an order is not fair to the other mamas who are waiting on the site to snag up the dress that you did. We do accept returns within three days of receipt for store credit, but we will not cancel any orders. If you are unable to return the item to us then you can check out one of the awesome BST pages dedicated to Olive Mae here and sell it to another mama who wants it for their babe.

Can you combine my orders and refund shipping?

Combining orders is a tricky process. We would love to be able to do this easily, but when we get your e-mail requesting to combine orders, the message has to get from customer service to shipping before shipping has packed up and sent out your orders. We cannot always do this so we want to keep it fair and we will not be combining orders at this time.

My item is damaged, can you fix it?

If your product arrives to you in need of some sort of repair then we would be happy to fix it. If this should occur then please e-mail us at customerservice@olivemaeclothing.com within 3 days of receiving your package from us and include pictures of the damage and your order number. We will only be able to repair unworn and unwashed items that were purchased directly from Olive Mae (no BST items) at full price. Any item purchased at any discount is not eligible for repair or compensation (ie store credit). Please inspect your items immediately upon receipt so we may better serve you.

We are NOT responsible for damage that occurs during mailing. Once an item leaves our warehouse we can no longer assume responsibility for the item or its whereabouts. We primarily ship through the USPS. If your order has been marked as delivered by the delivery service but has not actually been received by you then we recommend that you contact the delivery service used which for us is currently USPS. Orders that have been shipped will not be replaced or refunded.

Some of our products are made using vintage details (i.e. trims, buttons, etc.) These items can be delicate and may not be able to be replaced or fixed. 

I bought a gift card in order to get free shipping but I was still charged shipping, why?

Gift cards do not count towards free shipping because they are e-mailed. This is also stated in the product description of the gift cards.

An item I bought is now on sale. Can you refund the difference? 
We will only refund the difference when an item goes on sale if the item was purchased within 1 hour of the sale. This does not apply to Black Friday sales. We put products on sale when the inventory is very low. Typically this means we may only have a few of the item left. Sometimes this means that an item that has not shipped yet goes on sale because there are only a few left. Even if an item has not shipped and it goes on sale, we will NOT refund the difference for the item. 


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