Rainy Day Playing

Rainy Day Playing

I just love a lazy Saturday at home with my babies! During the week, we are in such a rush to get dressed in uniforms, grab something to eat, and make it to school, daycare, and work on time.  Saturdays are for dressing yourself, relaxing, and having fun!  This morning it was so rainy outside, and the kids were disappointed they couldn't go out to play.  So I prepared their favorite breakfast and we had some morning cuddles and breakfast on the couch.  It was not too long before the rain subsided, and they were so excited to get outside and play.  We grabbed a few fun things from the garage and out they went to run and play with chalk, bubbles, and hula hoops.  

I just love watching these two play together! They really are best friends (most of the time)!  And I just love these bright colors on Olivia! This top just screams spring and summer to me, and while the rain boots were practical on this day, they really made the outfit!

Sometimes we love to run place to place at all the places on our summer to-do list.  Other weekends, we love to stay home and avoid the rushing around.  I'd love to know what fun, summer activities you enjoy at home with your family! 





Lacy Gutierrez

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