Olive Mae Girls-Model Stars

Olive Mae Girls-Model Stars


It's the girl that makes the dress. The joys, the experiences, the smiles, and the memories that are made in our pieces, mean more than fabric ever could. When a girl puts on a dress, it comes to life. It moves, it has story, it has a purpose. With every step, every dance, every move, and every twirl, you give our clothing life. Thank you for making your daughter an Olive Mae Girl. 


Some of you have been with Olive Mae since the very beginning and some are new to the brand. Whether you are getting ready to make your first purchase or the next of many purchases, we are so happy that you are here! Our OMGs are very important to us. That means you!

Often our brand reps and models become like family, or in the case of Olivia, Kaylee, and Genna, they are family! Since you see these adorable faces all the time, and will be seeing more of them, we wanted to let you know just a little bit more about these sweet girls. Meet our very own Olive Mae Girls!

Meet Olivia!



Olivia is 8 years old and has an older and younger brother. She is a friend to everyone and loves to play mommy to younger children. Her favorite things are Girl Scouts, soccer, and crafts. Olivia also loves to tell stories, and is often found in her room putting on a show for her baby brother and dolls. She took home 1st place for first grade in the Texas state story telling championship! When Olive grows up she will sell her 33% of OliveMaeClothing and open a lemonade stand on the beach. Olivia's favorite part of modeling is hanging out with her mommy and her friends! 


Meet Aria!

There really is love at first sight…in the BST world at least.  Aria’s first ever Olive Mae piece was purchased off of the BST boards in November of 2016.  The second Aria put on the dress, we knew that we found our new favorite clothing company.  Bonus points that they are located within 20 minutes of our house!  Shortly after, Aria received a callback from Olive Mae for their shootout in Houston with Deborah Koch Photography in February of 2017.  That was also Aria’s first modeling job, which introduced a new passion to her, modeling.

As for performing in front of the camera, it helps that Aria’s role model is JoJo Siwa, so you will often find Aria in the same side ponytail and big bow as her Dance Mom’s hero.  Therefore, thanks to a combination of Olive Mae, JoJo, and other KidsTube videos, Aria has been inspired to sign with an agency in Dallas, expanded her boutique modeling portfolio, and even branched out to performing in plays and her very first commercial.

She will be 5 on December 16th, and like most kids, she HATES vegetables. What is unique is that she also dislikes ice cream, and chocolate makes her sick.  What she does love is to munch on popcorn while watching movies. When she isn’t playing dress up, she loves riding her bike, cheer, dance, playing with her best friend Cruz (Australian Shepherd), and planning her next Disney vacation!


Meet Sunday!

Sunday is 5 years old and has a younger brother and sister.  She also has a dog named Taffy.  Her favorite things are crafts, coloring, writing, drawing, photo shoots, and American Girl dolls.  She also takes ballet and tap dance classes.  When she grows up she wants to be a "pop star" and a baby doctor.  We found out about Olive Mae when we responded to a model call when she was about 2 years old.  We fell in love with how cute and easy to wear the clothes were.  Her favorite part about being an Olive Mae model is getting to hang out with her friends and try on lots of cute clothes and shoes.       

Meet Hannah!

Hannah is a 2 year old full of sweetness and sass. She has 2 older brothers, Elijah and Noah. Her best friend is her cousin Eva. In fact, they even share clothes! Hannah loves to play with baby dolls and ponies but she is just as happy playing with her brothers legos and action figures! She also loves to play in the backyard. It is the sweetest thing to see her get a new dress or outfit in the mail and watch her face light up. Unicorn and mermaid dresses are number one in her eyes. Hannah has a sweet tooth just like her mama, but she just loves good food in general. She is also a big fan of music and dancing, and loves when we have little family dance parties at home. We found Olive Mae about a year ago through an ad on Facebook. We bought a few dresses on sale, joined the online community, and have been hooked ever since. Hannah lives a few hours away from Olive Mae so she can only model occasionally, but she is getting pretty comfortable cheesing it up in front of the camera! 


Meet Genna


Genevieve is a 4 year old who loves to color and play with her dolls. She has a big brother, Justin, who makes her giggle wih all his silly jokes. Her favorite place to eat is Chick-Fil-A. She has been modeling for Olive Mae since she was 1, she's a little camera shy but she loves to get treats after photoshoots like ice cream and Shopkins!

Meet Kaylee 


Kaylee, who will be 2 in November, is Lacy's niece. She is a curious little girl who loves to explore. She is quite shy around new people, but once she settles in, Kaylee is a firecracker! Kaylee is looking forward to starting dance class and soccer in the fall. She loves to visit the library, go to the park, and play with her babies. Being Lacy's niece, Kaylee's Olive Mae collection started before she was born. We love how the pieces have been able to grow with her, starting out as dresses and finishing as tunics, and that they can be worn across seasons by layering. Her favorite part of being and Olive Mae model, is getting to play with her cousin Olivia. 

What about you?

Now that you know a little more about these sweet girls, we want to learn more about your girls! Make sure you are a part of our FB groups where you can post questions, thoughts, and pictures of your girls in Olive Mae! We even have a BST page where you can buy, sell, and trade our clothes! Inside the groups we post sneaks, play lots of games, and even occasionally give out gift cards to our customers! Friendships are formed and we get to to know other mamas better than we ever thought we could. The links are below, hope see you there! Who knows, one day this blog might feature your little OMG!


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