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Mother's Day Giveaway - WINNER!

Posted on May 24 2019

Mother's Day Giveaway - WINNER!

There is almost nothing we love more at Olive Mae than making people smile! We recently did a Mother’s Day Giveaway where we prompted you to write in, nominating your favorite OMG moms to win a gift basket from us. We received dozens of emails gushing over all of the women in your life, but one email in particular stood out to us and we would love to share their story with you.

Kelsey KB was nominated by her long distance friend Jessica Phillips. The two became friends through online pageants that their daughters were involved in and bonded over their love for clothes and fashion. Jessica introduced Kelsey and Kristyana to Olive Mae and sent her a surprise outfit! Their quick friendship caused their daughters to become BFFs as well. Kristyana and Bella (both 3) began sending ‘BFF Boxes’ with small gifts inside to each other. Kelsey and Jessica keep in constant contact throughout the day, talking each other through the difficult days, and celebrating each other on the great days.

(Kelsey & Kristyana)

Kelsey is a single mom who works full time to support her two girls and makes endless sacrifices to meet all of their needs. Kelsey’s oldest daughter, TayLynn (6), has a variety of high medical needs that require constant care and attention. Kelsey’s mother, Teresa, has been an incredible pillar of support for both Kelsey and the girls. Teresa is TayLynn’s full time caretaker and took on the responsibility of becoming trained in all of TayLynn’s medical care.

Jessica describes TayLynn as a “blessing and a warrior,” and says that Teresa and Kelsey are both incredible mothers and she is so blessed to have them in her life.

(Teresa & TayLynn)

All three of these ladies exemplify what it means to uplift other women and carry them in their time of need, and we are so thankful that they are part of the Olive Mae family!

For more information about TayLynn and how to help or join her prayer team, please click here or the link below.

Prayers For Taylynn

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  • Lauren : July 03, 2019

    Beautiful story. What an amazing example these women set for us all!

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