Military Families

Military Families

My sweet husband joined the Navy right after our oldest son was born, and I thought what an exciting adventure we are about to go on! Some parts were super exciting, like moving exporaing a new city, making lots of new friends.  

There were also sad times like the time Manny was sent to Bahrain for two years, and that year I was pregnant with Olivia and he had to work nights so we only saw each other one night a week. Not everyone is as lucky as I am, my husband is home safe, our family is together, and this is not the truth for some families we met along our journey. We lost friends to war, to the after effects of war.

Military Families hold a special place in my heart.  We will be making a special post and having a giveaway for military families for Memorial Day. If you know a military family with an OMG girl, we would love to know their story.  Please email us and put Memorial Day in the subject line.

Lacy Gutierrez


Lacy Gutierrez

From one military family to another, thank you so much for everything that you do! The military life is hard but there is also a huge support system from families you meet along the way…and others you will never meet but step up to help out!

Like you, my family is together but over the years, Adam and I have lost many friends. We serve knowing that this is a possibility but also with confidence that our family will be taken care of.

We live to honor those who have served and who have paid the ultimate sacrifice. We will never forget!

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