Meet the Team!

Meet the Team!

Hey everyone! I wanted to take a few minutes to introduce you to the Olive Mae Team! These are a few of the faces who keep the gears turning here in the office. 

Hannah - Shipping

This is Hannah, She takes care of all the shipping needs. She is usually the one who irons and packages all of the items, checking them for any imperfections along the way. She makes sure that your purchase is high quality and ready to go out. Hannah joined the team about a year ago.  

Kaylynn - Master Sewist

Meet Kaylynn, Hannah's big sis and pretty much twin who makes samples, fixes defects, and makes sure that production is running smoothly in the shop. Kaylnn was my first employee. We met online and she made samples for me in her home. She even got into some production work for me for a while. We love her and she is an expert pattern maker and sewest. Kaylnn and Hannah's family own a bee farm where they grow their own honey. If you love local honey, check out Mansker Family Farm.

Nubia and Brenda - Master Sewists

Mostly sewing our production. They do an amazing job and we love them so much! 

Adrienne - Head of Social Interactions

This is Adrienne, my other half! hile She helps organize photo shoots, brand reps, and brand enthusiasts. She also does our social media and answers the emails!! She has been close to Olive Mae from the day we opened, but she just recently officially joined our team and I'm so happy to have to her at the studio with me!

Lacy - Owner/Founder

I am the owner and founder of Olive Mae. I have dreamed of owning a boutique for a long time and now my dreams are not only a reality, but I am reaching new goals every day and feel so blessed to be able to do what I love!

Not pictured but still two people who are very special to Olive Mae

Keri Evans - We met at the old store front in downtown Plano and instantly became friends! She is so great, brain-storming new ideas with me! She's also been helping out some in the design department.

Val Henry - Y'all might know Val from the BST boards and while she is not an official employee of OM she is here a few days a week helping with whatever we have going on! And all of the photos in this post were taken by her ❤️❤️❤️

While I wish I could say I'm a one woman show, I'm not, and I'm SOOOO grateful for the lovely women who work with me day in and out! 

Thank you OMGs for supporting us every week! Without y'all we couldn't do what we love, and that's design and make this beautiful clothing. 

Knowing that something I thought up in my head and then brought to life with my team puts a smile on your face, brightens up a gloomy day, or is a part of special memories like birthdays, anniversaries, and weddings, makes it all worth while. 

So thank you for sharing OM with your friends and family thank you for supporting my dream! 😘❤️😘❤️

Lacy Gutierrez


Lacy Gutierrez

This is a very special blog and post. Many times people get so wrapped up in the day to day operations that we forget what makes it all possible. It’s so nice to see the team behind the OM Brand. Kuddo’s to you all for the amazing company you continue to build and evolve every day. I’m so blessed to have been exposed to your boutique while my girls were still young so that I can have them grow up in OM. Thank you all for your hard work every day and the treasures and magic you create in your studio!

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