LOVED by Lacy & Olive

LOVED by Lacy & Olive

Olivia, my daughter, has been my inspiration for Olive Mae.  Now that she is getting older, she has so many of her own ideas in regards to design and gifts for little girls.  I am so proud of her, so I wanted to hand over the reins to Olivia and give her an opportunity to share a few of her favorite shopping finds with you.

In this mystery box, "LOVED" by Lacy and Olive, you will discover an Olive Mae piece designed by me and other special treasures carefully selected by Olive. A couple of fun reminders:

  • $100 per box.
  • No limit on how many you can purchase.
  • For each month, the people who purchased the previous month's box will have first dibs.  I will then post any remaining boxes on the website for purchase.
  • All boxes will be identical per month.
  • The Olive Mae item runs TTS.
  • No cart passes!
  • Limited quantity.

Lacy Gutierrez

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