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Olive Mae Makes Boots!

Posted on November 26 2017

Olive Mae Makes Boots!

After three long years of working on our Olive Mae shoe line, the shoes are finally here. Our first shoe is a pretty red boot that is perfect for all things holiday, but also casual enough for every day of the year.

We will have sizes 7t-3y!!  Quality has always been really important to me. That didn't change when we decided to add shoes to the Olive Mae family.  We spent most of this year  looking for the perfect manufacturer of our boots and then testing and making samples until we came up with what we feel is perfect! The outside of the boot is red custom dyed genuine leather. Sizes 7 and 8 toddler have a side zipper to make dressing tiny feet a lot simpler! Sizes 9t-3y have small crystals glued and then sewn right inside the embroidery. This ensures that these beautiful crystals will not fall off when your OMG runs, climbs, twirls, and plays.

Making shoes has always been a dream of mine! I have always wanted to dress Olivia from head to toe and now I finally can. I'm hoping y'all love these as much as we do! 

Toddler boots will be $70 (zipper/no crystals)
Kids and youth will be $70 (crystals/no zipper)

As this is our first shoe endeavor we had to start with a smaller stock. They are fairly limited so be ready at load time. if y'all love our shoe line we will be able to keep making them, increasing production as we go. 


These lovely boots were made in India and are RTS. 


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