Samuel Turns Two!!

Samuel Turns Two!!

Wow how the past two years have flow by, i can't believe baby Samuel is already two. Since his birthday is the day after Christmas and shared by two of our other family members we decided it would be better if we waited until January to celebrate. These days Samuel is really in to Mickey Mouse and Climbing, so we thought a Mickey Mouse Club House theme at a local gym would be right up his ally. Samuel doesn't have too many friends his age yet so we kept the guest list small and invited family and a few friends with small babies.

I really wanted a stress free party, so i did a little less DIY this year. I found some great vendors on Instagram!!  First i want to tell you about @lisafrankparties she made the most beautiful candy sticks, balloon wands and Samuel banner. She was easy to work with and managed to get these to me despite a huge ice storm. plus her prices were really reasonable. I used a local bakery for the cake and cookies and told them they could make whatever they thought would look nice.

Lacy Gutierrez

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