What is inside the Mystery Boxes?

What a clickbait title for a blog right? Well I won't tell you EXACTLY what is inside the Mystery boxes but I will tell you a little more about them. A Mystery box is exactly what it sounds like, a box that you purchase and you have no idea what is inside. We absolutely love releasing Mystery boxes and look forward to them since our very first one. We go to markets and scour through catalogs of girls items to find things we think your girls will love. We may have gotten a little over zealous this time around because we had a hard time closing them while we were packing them up. Each box will be released on our website like a normal new product, you will cart your size and we will ship you your exciting mystery gift. Each box contains one never before seen dress, I know what you're thinking " Why would I buy a dress without seeing it?" Well our Mystery box dresses aren't like our normal dresses, we research what designs our fans have really loved and the patterns they are drawn to. These dresses are very special and also very limited. We are only offering 70 boxes so the dresses inside do have quite a resell value if you do decide to part with it. The extra items in the box can range from hair accessories, jewelry, hats, purses or little girly toys. There is between 2-4 accessories in each box but all have the same monetary value of accessories. There will be two styles of the boxes, incase you'd like to buy two dresses for your girls and don't want them to be identical. There is also a little something in there for mom as well ;) All the items are then carefully boxed up in tissue paper and sent on their way. We encourage our fans to take pictures or videos of their girls opening the mystery boxes because it is so fun to see the excitement on their faces. We only offer the mystery boxes a few times a year so you don't want to miss out on such a fun item. 

Boxes are releasing tomorrow morning Thursday 9-24-15 at 10am cst at www.olivemaeclothing.com 


Adrienne Beard


Adrienne Beard

So excited for I will have my grand-daughter with me tomorrow and she can help cart for the first time.

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