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Texas had a cold front last weekend. We got down to about the 90s, and we had a breeze! Jackpot! All this beautiful, cool weather reminded me how much I love the fall. Especially the fall fashion. The best part about Texas is the extended summer we have, but it kinda leaves you confused as to what you should wear in the fall. Luckily, all of our outfits are designed to be layered, and worn year-long. As you may have noticed many of the dresses I design don’t have sleeves. This is because I love the layered look and the pop of color in contrast with the dress. Plus, the knits are comfy. They are soft and stretchy with the cutest little ruffles on the ends of the sleeve. Once the coolness officially arrives we will have knits in deep, rich colors that pair perfectly with our upcoming releases. But in reality, we know our East coast and Northern fans will need the layered look much sooner than we will. Be on the lookout for our next round of colorful knits, and look below for inspiration. 



Adrienne Beard

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