Our family quilt

Do you have a family heirloom that you just love? One that isn't hung on the wall but a part of your everyday life? We have a quilt in our family that was handmade by my husbands grandmother and it is a part of our daily lives and I love that. I never met her but wish I would have. Everyone always has amazing stories about her fun spunky attitude and I can see how she was so loved by all of her children and grandchildren. This quilt was not specifically passed down to me, I happened upon it in an old box and immediately recognized it as something special and cleaned it up. I later learned that this quilt was sewn together from pieces of clothing from her four daughters, my mother inlaw says "she can see her childhood when she looks at this quilt". I've always been particularly fond of handmade items, the amount of time it takes to create something, every stitch with a purpose and the amount of love that goes into it. Growing up almost all of my clothes were handmade by my grandmother, looking back I can see now that my grandmother was sewing up her love for me in all those little ruffles and lace. With all of the handmade clothing I had growing up I have never had someone make me a quilt, and even though this quilt wasn’t made specifically for me I feel like it is mine. Handmade with lots of love by the grandmother I never got the chance to meet but love so dearly. I love that we use this quilt almost everyday. We take it to soccer games for our babies to play on and wrap them up in it for movie night on the couch. One of my favorite uses for it is to swaddle my youngest while I nurse him in my rocking chair. I love noticing new things about it each time, admiring the stitching and feeling that in her own way she is providing warmth and love to my children. 
That is where my love for handmade items come from, recognizing the amount of dedication and time that goes into every piece and is a cornerstone of my business. Creating clothing for our clients that show how much we care about each handmade piece, so that when their children are grown and have children of their own they can pass these pieces down to them if they choose. Everyone shows love differently, Olive Mae shows it by sewing up love in our handmade dresses. 
Adrienne Beard

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