Fall Preview Showcase


We are so excited to announce we are hosting our very first showcase! Wednesday August 5, 2015 at 5-7pm. Our brand has always had such a strong connection to our fan base we love any opportunity to invite you over and get to know you. During the showcase you can come and meet some of our team, have some wine and amazeballs (those are amazing cake balls from our favorite shop down the street), and you will receive first dibs on never before seen fall designs! You will also be the first to see our Thanksgiving, Halloween, and Christmas dresses! (feel free to take photos and share) This event is free and open to anyone who would like to come.  

PS- Children are welcome to come we have a whole party venue for them to run around in while you shop. :) 

Emily Hillman


Emily Hillman

I came to your open house tonight at 6:30 and you guys were closed. Did you cancel or change the date and forget to post the update?

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