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Alright ladies, with the upcoming release of our most anticipated Henry pants (thank you by the way!) we wanted to offer a few tips on the best methods for carting items. But first, a brief definition of carting for those of you new to the BST world. Carting is successfully purchasing a limited edition clothing item before it sells out online. With that said, a seasoned carting veteran has been kind enough to offer her valuable knowledge. Word on the street is she has carted some very high end brands before. So as many of you know that is no small feat, here are her valuable tips:

Tip #1: ALWAYS use a Desktop Computer  

The days of carting from your phone, iPad or laptop are over for the most part haha! Don't allow anyone else to use the Internet at load time if possible. Also it will be faster using a regular mouse, trust me, this is important.

Tip # 2: Internet Browser.

I only use Google Chrome. It is the fastest browser. Hands Down. It will load everything quicker.

Tip #3: Internet History.

Once you open Google Chrome, go to history and clear it. Also clear any cookies and caches. This will increase your internet speed. Sometimes webpages can still be running and you don't realize it.

Tip #4: Create an Account on the Website.

Create an account on the website and log in ahead of time. Make sure your address is set as the default address. This will cut down on carting time, since all your info will be set up.

Tip #5: PayPal.

Open PayPal on another tab and login right before load time. That way, when you get to the payment screen, you just click PayPal and it transfers you to the PP page and all you have to select is "Pay Now" 

Tip #6: Refreshing the Webpage.

The fastest way to refresh a webpage from your computer is to use a shortcut.

For PC's: Continually hit F5

For Mac's: Command R

Tip #7: Be Super-fast. 

It may take a few times to practice and you may miss a few more times, but if you try what I suggested, it may increase your chances!


***Extra tips***


  • Zoom out!! About 67% this takes away any scrolling. Also have your mouse lined up where the 1st picture is currently because it will most likely appear there and it will be easier to grab if mouse is already in spot.
  • Run a speed test right before load time if possible to make sure you are selecting the best provider.
  • You can change where your computer pings from if needed. Like the first time it might say Birmingham so click select new and it goes to Chattanooga and the ping drops by 30 points. You want your Ping to be low. See that yellow button that says "new server" that's what you click if you don't like the ping.Quantity: You never change the quantity.
  • You double click add to cart. And it puts two in your cart. It varies by website though, not all shops have this feature of double clicking.


We want to say thank you again to the guest blogger, Lindsay Roark for providing such valuable tips! And of course a BIG thank you to all our fans who are helping our dreams come true! The pants release next Monday the 27th at 7pm cst. 


Adrienne Beard

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