Our First Fall Release!

The song that first comes to mind when I look at this outfit is “They Call Me Yellow Mellow,” or “Happy.” It’s such a pretty harmony of pinks and yellows. As many of you know who live in Texas, especially in September, the weather can be a little unpredictable. The great thing about this outfit is the layering. Our models showcase the versatile ways to wear the outfit including how it looks with sandals, or long socks and a cardigan. In addition to the many ways to wear the outfit, it is the perfect combination of dressy and casual! You can wear it to church or school just depending on the way you dress it up. But I think this would be a lovely first day of school outfit! 


I’m falling in love with this outfit! Okay, I had to get the pun in, but really the outfit is so bright and fun. It is a beautiful combination of colors for the upcoming fall season. Now, I’m humming Frank Sinatra’s version of “Autumn in New York” as I think about the upcoming months of September and October!  We are releasing the items on July 20th at 7pm cst. All clothing items are sold separately.   

Emily Hillman

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