Bow storage!

Bow-acious! (Like bodacious)

My sweet daughter loves her bows. She has a bow to go with any outfit! In fact, an outfit to her is not complete without a bow! It’s a necessity! Can you blame her? They come in a variety of colors and sizes and are such a cute way to accessorize an outfit. The trouble is how to organize so many bows? Luckily, I have found a DIY solution that showcases her beautiful collection as well as keeps them organized. Though keeping them picked up is another story! You will need four pieces of crown molding, paint, a nail gun, and chicken wire.


First, we measured and cut the molding into the shape of a frame.


Second, we repainted the molding a glossy, light pink. Like I said you can paint it any color! I chose a light pink to highlight the colors of the bows.



Third, we measured the sides using a triangle protractor and glued the pieces together to ensure a perfect fit. (Of course!)


Finally, we stapled the chicken wire onto the frame and cut the excess wire! 



This beautiful, yet simple piece offers a creative way to display and arrange all of your bows!





Adrienne Beard


Adrienne Beard

We are doing the same thing but with an old screen door. :) Our daughter literally has over 200 bows… So we need to get organized!

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