Father's day

With father's day approaching this is the perfect time to spend some extra special time with the kids. Regularly in our society men are portrayed as too busy to keep up with the kids, tired after a long day at work or overall not able to handle he kids on his own. This is not only insulting and unwarranted but can be detrimental to children. Husbands and fathers can be an amazing example of how to set values for your little girls and boys. Father daughter dating has risen in popularity with the mindset of setting a high standard of self worth that will follow the girls into adulthood. Boys will see how to respectfully treat women and grow up to be mature and loving husbands. So for father's day recognize the man who plays a monumental role in shaping your children's morals and self worth and let him know what a great job he is doing. We asked our fans to send us pictures of their little girls and their fathers as a reminder that Sunday is all about dad and how special he is to the whole family.  

Adrienne Beard

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