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When we say 100% made in America, we mean 100% made in America, Texas to be exact. In a little brick building in historic downtown Plano that has a lot of quirks and charm. A lot of clothing companies have come up with sneaky ways to be included in the “American made” category without technically manufacturing their products in the US. At Olive Mae we believe in transparency and honesty with our consumers and are proud that our dresses are created only in the US. Over the last few years the demand for American made products have seen a huge rise in popularity and continues to grow. With more and more companies starting to bring manufacturing jobs back to the US communities are actively seeking out made in America products and businesses to support. While most people automatically think of big business manufacturers in this category it is important not to forget out the small, locally owned businesses doing the same thing. Here at Olive Mae, owner and designer Lacy Gutierrez believes in providing jobs to women here and not outsourcing her sewing to another country. Many of our fans are surprised when we explain that all of our products are sewn in shop by our three master seamstresses. Not only does this provide jobs and growth for the local economy but we can provide a higher quality product. Our mission is to create beautiful and durable designs, not the cheapest product. When fans of our clothing line buy our products they understand that they are not only supporting American jobs but also making a statement that they do not want to spend their money on cheaply made items that easily fall apart.

So next time you are out and about do not forget the local businesses that are doing their part in bringing jobs back to America. Whether that be local restaurants that source their ingredients from local farms or clothing stores like ours that refuse to outsource the sewing to a another country. Supporting American made is more than making a statement on the subject of outsourcing, it is supporting families and communities as well.  

Adrienne Beard

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