Carry the load

My family participated in “Carry the load” on Memorial Day this year and I thought I would share some of the stories and images from that special day. Over the years Memorial Day has become synonymous with bar b q’s, sunshine, and department stores offering amazing sales. There is however a very large community that likes to honor what this day is truly about, remembering the brave soldiers who have sacrificed so much for us. Carry the load is a 20 mile walk through Dallas raising awareness to bring back the true meaning of Memorial Day. Although the mixture of emotions range from grief, pride, and happiness it was an amazing experience to see thousands of people come together in support of something so positive. While I was talking about the experience with my cousin she said something that I believe sums up the day perfectly. 

“Several things truly moved me and made me proud and made my heart sink at the same time. The first thing that I noticed when we walked in were all the service men and women carrying their packs with names and pictures of their fallen brothers and sisters. Next was the volume of people walking. when we walked in, I saw a lot of people, but it didn't seem like anything extraordinary. After walking on the trail a ways, we came to a bridge where people were looking over the edge. When we stopped to look, there was a SEA of people walking to honor the men and women who have died for this country. Finally, there were the posters with pictures of those who have died serving our country. Seeing the faces of these brave soldiers and seeing pictures of them with family members and reading their stories emphasized what they sacrificed for us”. -Adrienne Beard

If you ever have the opportunity to participate in this amazing event I highly encourage it, not only to help support our soldiers but to also teach our children how important it is to respect what our soldiers have given them. 

Adrienne Beard

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