Pretty Magical

Pretty Magical

Be pretty. Pretty kind. Pretty smart. Pretty magical. 

The latest collection from Olive Mae Clothing is full of magic and wonder for your little one. From bubbles and dresses to layering pieces and leotards, we have everything you need to dress your sweet girls this spring. This collection even features a coordinating plush unicorn doll, the perfect gift for any little girl.

The Pretty Magical collection is something I was so excited to work on. Olivia wanted everything pastel and unicorn for her birthday and that inspired me to create the collection you see here today. Normally when I need fabric, I check all of my favorite designers. But this time I couldn't find the perfect balance of pinks, purples, florals, and unicorns. Slowly but surely, I started designing my own fabrics and found a screen printer who could print my designs on the highest quality fabrics. I poured my heart into this collection and I hope you and your OMG love it as much as I do! Remember to watch those packages for shooting stars, you never know when one will appear!


We find that the Pretty Magical Collection runs true to size on the generous side. The dresses run a bit longer than our typical woven pieces. See each individual listing for a size chart. We do not recommend that you size up for this collection, but as each child is built differently, we ask that you check the charts for your best fit.


Our new knit bubbles are soft and comfortable, perfect for a hot summer day, but can also be layered for cooler spring days. Each bubble features a ruffle butt, criss-cross ruffle straps with three button hole settings, and crotch snaps for easy diaper changes/potty breaks. The bubbles range in size from 0/6 months all the way up to 4t. With three breathtakingly beautiful patterns, you are sure to find one that is perfect for your little girl. Meet our Lavender Cake, Rosie, and Unicorn baby bubbles!

Bubble tip: You can fold the extra strap pieces over and put the button through a second hole to eliminate any strap pieces from hanging down.

Bubbles are $24 plus shipping and applicable taxes.

*Free shipping for orders over $75




Each one of our dresses was designed to be both beautiful and comfortable. With fabrics made from our Olive Mae exclusive prints and the softest knit, we think you will fall head over heels for them, just as we have! All dresses will be available in sizes 0/6 months through 10/12.

Prices are as follows, plus shipping and applicable taxes.

*Free shipping for orders over $75

Princess Parade-$38

Lavender Cake- $38

Day Dream Sparkles- $41

Fairy Tale Bib Dress and Unicorn Doll Set-$67

Princess Parade Dress

Princess Parade features a soft gray gingham bodice with short sleeves, a paneled skirt, a unicorn print ruffled bottom, and pink gingham pockets. This lovely dress is school dress code friendly and the pockets will hold all the tiny treasures your princess likes to carry with her. Even better, it was made for the perfect twirl!


Lavender Cake Dress

The Lavender Cake dress features a floral print bodice with ruffles, decorative buttons down the front, and functional buttons down the back. It is an all knit dress with a unicorn print skirt, a blue floral ruffle, and gray gingham pockets. This dress is the perfect match to our Lavender Cake ruffle pants and top, meaning that she can rock this look no matter the weather! You do not want to miss this one!


 Day Dream Sparkles Dress

The Day Dream Sparkles Dress is the perfect winter to spring transition piece. With a half sleeve, a unicorn patterned bodice, and a triple ruffle skirt, your little girl will be able to twirl the day away. This dress can be layered with our Magical Ruffle Pants for warmth and the half-sleeves make it dress code friendly. Your OMG is sure to feel like a princess in this one!


Fairy Tale Bib Dress and Unicorn Doll

This dress will be perfect on every OMG, from babies to big girls! Featuring a floral ruffled bib, a pink gingham bodice, and sweet flutter sleeves, this dress is fairy tale worthy. The unicorn patterned skirt is accentuated by a floral ruffle and hits right around knee length. The best part about this dress is that it is sold with our coordinating plush unicorn doll which is pictured below!


 Layering Pieces

We always get requests for coordinating layering pieces to go with our dresses and with the Pretty Magical collection we have delivered. We have multiple layering options that can be worn with dresses, our vests and pants, or worn as separate outfits! Layering tops and pants are $20 plus shipping and applicable taxes.

*Free shipping on orders over $75


Icing Tops

Our icing tops come in four different patterns that mix and match with our Pretty Magical line. They are amazingly soft, comfortable, and durable. The tops come in Gray Gingham, Pink Gingham, Lavender Cake, and Magical (unicorn) prints. We find that these tops run true to size and the models wore their typical sizes for the photo shoot. Remember to add your favorites to your cart when checking out. 



Ruffle Pants

Our ruffle pants are a super important part of the Pretty Magical collection. They allow our friends in cold weather climates to wear these pretty dresses throughout all seasons while matching perfectly! This collection is your one stop shop for winter, spring, and summer. No matter which layering pieces you choose to buy, you will find endless ways to mix and match. Our ruffle pants come in our Lavender Cake and Magical (unicorn) patterns. We find that these fit true to size and all models are wearing their typical sizes. 



Our leotards are so much fun! Made in two colorful patterns, they are wonderful for gymnastics, dance class, playtime, dress up, and even layering for everyday use. Wear them alone, with one of our tulle skirts, a vest and pants, or any way that you can imagine. These leotards are long sleeved and made from soft and stretchy knit. Sizes 0/6 months through 18 months come with snaps in the stride to make diaper changes quick and easy. We cannot wait to see photos of your girls rocking the world in our leotards. Both the Sugared Plum leo and the Magical leo are sure to be favorites for your OMG! They come in sizes 0/6 months through 10/12 and are $22.



The Pretty Magical collection load Monday, January 22nd at 7 PM CST! 

See you there!

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Olive Mae Makes Boots!

After three long years of working on our Olive Mae shoe line, the shoes are finally here. Our first shoe is a pretty red boot that is perfect for all things holiday, but also casual enough for every day of the year.

We will have sizes 7t-3y!!  Quality has always been really important to me. That didn't change when we decided to add shoes to the Olive Mae family.  We spent most of this year  looking for the perfect manufacturer of our boots and then testing and making samples until we came up with what we feel is perfect! The outside of the boot is red custom dyed genuine leather. Sizes 7 and 8 toddler have a side zipper to make dressing tiny feet a lot simpler! Sizes 9t-3y have small crystals glued and then sewn right inside the embroidery. This ensures that these beautiful crystals will not fall off when your OMG runs, climbs, twirls, and plays.

Making shoes has always been a dream of mine! I have always wanted to dress Olivia from head to toe and now I finally can. I'm hoping y'all love these as much as we do! 

Toddler boots will be $70 (zipper/no crystals)
Kids and youth will be $70 (crystals/no zipper)

As this is our first shoe endeavor we had to start with a smaller stock. They are fairly limited so be ready at load time. if y'all love our shoe line we will be able to keep making them, increasing production as we go. 


These lovely boots were made in India and are RTS. 

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Olive Mae is Making Big Changes

Olive Mae is Making Big Changes


Olive Mae has come so far from where it started. It has grown and evolved from me sewing in my own garage, to the fabulous little shop that you know and love today. Big changes are coming to Olive Mae and we are super excited for what is ahead. You, the customers, are our top priority and the reason we even exist. Because of this, we want to take some time to let you know what fabulous things are in store for OM.

Our main goal right now is to improve our shipping time. We know that you buy our items for events and special occasions and that it is so important for them to get there in a timely manner. We are also working on having many more ready to ship items which will be better for all of us! There will not be any loads on October 16th and 19th so that we can focus on shipping out items that have already sold. You never know when a shooting star will appear in a package so be on the lookout!

If you have been following us on Facebook or Instagram, then you have likely seen our adorable red boots. This is the very first shoe endeavor for Olive Mae and we are thrilled with how they turned out. When we set out to create the first set of Olive Mae shoes we searched the USA high and low for a factory that could create what we needed. There was not one to be found that could adhere to the price, the quality, and the quantity that we required. This led us to search abroad and we found a shoe maker in India that could make the perfect red cowgirl boots for your OMG. These boots are top quality and we know you will love them.

Our expansion into loungewear and undergarments also led us out of the USA. We have found reputable businesses to work with who can help us make top quality items at prices that are affordable for you. Moving some of our production out of the country allows us to expand our lines to include items that are too expensive to create in the USA. These include shoes, smocked and embroidered items, exclusive fabric designs, and many other fun things to come.

We know that shopping US made is very important and we will continue to produce clothing made in the USA. These garments will be identified by the hashtags on social media and will be marked as US made in the  product description online. We are not laying off any of our employees or factories as we make these changes. They are a huge part of Olive Mae.  We are simply expanding the type of products that OM is able to make.

This is a huge step for Olive Mae. Thank you so much for the continued support of my dream. I had no idea when I set out on this journey that I would make it this far, that I would meet so many amazing women, and be able to do what I love every single day. I wouldn't be here without all of you. I cannot wait to show you all of the amazing things that we have coming! Thank you for making your little girl an OMG!


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A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes-Olive Mae Dress Up

A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes-Olive Mae Dress Up

"Girls never stop playing dress up."
Dress up is ageless and timeless. It makes us feel on top of the world and lets us be anything we want. Olive Mae wanted to try something new as we approach the Halloween season, costumes that will put a smile on any little girl's face. We teamed up with another small shop, Lover Dovers, to bring you these fantastic, fun, and fanciful costumes! We find that these dresses run true to size and are fairly flexible with elastic and the tie back. The pieces will all be between $58 and $64.
The sizing for our costume pieces is as follows:
18/24 months
These dresses are extremely limited as they are a first time venture for us. The good news, is that if they sell well, Olive Mae will look into making more costumes in the future. As for these specific dresses, they will only be sold by Olive Mae this Thursday, and they are ready to ship. Now that we've covered the logistics, let's take a look at these dresses!
Mary Poppins
Mary Poppins is a delightful and classic figure. This dress is perfect for any little girl. Just add a parasol, a sweet hat, and some classic shoes and she is ready for a day of whimsical fun. 
"I've been looking out of a window for eighteen years, dreaming about what I might feel like when those lights rise in the sky."
The perfect mix of purple and pink, this costume is so sweet for your little dreamer.
Snow White
"When hearts are high, the time will fly, so whistle while you work!"
Any little OMG will be smiling, cheerful, and ready to dance the day away while wearing this bright and happy princess gown!
"Bippity Boppity Boo!"
Let Olive Mae be your Fairy Godmother and make your OMG's dreams come true! With this lovely dress, she can be a princess too!
"Why sometimes I've believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast!"
Follow the White Rabbit down the rabbit hole and get this sweet dress for your daughter. It's the perfect mix of classic and whimsy.
Minnie Mouse
"Gosh Minnie. You've always been a princess to me."
With this dress she will be the perfect mix between America's Favorite Mouse and a sweet princess. Just add ears she is Halloween Ready!
Now the hard part, which will you choose?
See you at 10 AM CST on Thursday morning. 
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Olive Mae's Little Mommies

Olive Mae's Little Mommies

Sugar and spice and everything nice, that's what little OMGs are made of!
We love nothing more than seeing pictures of smiling girls in Olive Mae and hearing stories of delighted daughters opening their packages of pretty pieces. It puts smiles on our faces and joy in our hearts. It is for this reason that we decided to expand our shop to sell a few toy items. We have done a few dolls and a stick pony in the past, and we received great feedback. As a part of our next step, we have decided to offer some gorgeous doll furniture and accessories that we know will thrill your little OMG! Since this is new for us, you need lots of information! This blog is a tell all about our new pieces! 
Olive Mae Baby Essentials Set
First we have our sweet baby essentials set that contains the pieces you see above. The diapers, bibs, and blanket were designed by Lacy and will be a mix of our favorite Olive Mae fabrics. They won't necessarily be the exact same mix or fabrics you see here. The diapers and bibs were made to fit dolls the size of Bitty Babies and should work for many types of baby dolls. The blanket measures about 18x22 inches. Our diapers fasten with velcro, and we made sure to put in lots of extra stitches for even the most enthusiastic little diapering mamas. The price of this set is $45 plus any necessary tax (Texas residents) and shipping. 
Rock-A-Bye Baby Cradle
You can just see how much fun Sammy is having with this darling cradle.  It's written all over her face! The cradle comes with the mat and pillow that are pictured, and is the perfect addition to a little mommy's nursery. The cradle does not come fully assembled and will cost $76 including the mat and pillow designed by Olive Mae. 
Fit For a Queen Canopy Crib
Our darling little canopy bed ensures that any baby doll will sleep in style! It features pink wheels for easy movement, a canopy top, and curtains that can be closed or tied back. It also has a mattress,  a sheet with a ruffle, and a pillow. The canopy bed does not come fully assembled and will cost $64 plus our normal shipping rates. ($2.50 for purchases between $50 and $75)
Baby's Best High Chair
Every little mommy knows how important it is to feed their sweet baby! With this high chair, baby will always have the perfect place to eat! The high chair comes with an Olive Mae designed chair pad for the highest level of baby doll comfort and the cutest look. The high chair does not come fully assembled, but is only $46 plus shipping. ($5 for any order below $50)
Pretty as a Princess Pram
When it's time to take a trip, every mommy needs a stroller. Your little OMG will be strolling her baby around in style! This stroller comes fully assembled and with the cloth cover you see pictured. It will cost $260 with no additional shipping. This stroller is stunning and so much fun for any little girl who loves playing with her baby dolls.
Olive Mae Value Bundle
Is your OMG the biggest baby doll enthusiast around? We have you covered with our Olive Mae Baby Bundle! When purchased as a set, you can get all the pieces pictured for 15% less! That adds up to only $350 for the stroller, the canopy bed, the high chair, and the cradle. It's your one stop Christmas shop!
Little Mommy Dress
We couldn't make this baby doll collection and leave out your little OMG! We are so excited to introduce the Little Mommy Dress. It is a comfy knit top paired with some of Olive Mae's favorite floral fabrics. Trims and little details may vary. This is the perfect dress for your little one to head into fall!
The items have an estimated shipping time of 2-4 weeks.  We cannot wait to see which items you choose for you OMG. We are even more excited for the amazing memories that will be made and the sweet moments you will capture with our pieces. See you Monday at 7 PM CST! 
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Olive Mae Girls-Model Stars

Olive Mae Girls-Model Stars


It's the girl that makes the dress. The joys, the experiences, the smiles, and the memories that are made in our pieces, mean more than fabric ever could. When a girl puts on a dress, it comes to life. It moves, it has story, it has a purpose. With every step, every dance, every move, and every twirl, you give our clothing life. Thank you for making your daughter an Olive Mae Girl. 


Some of you have been with Olive Mae since the very beginning and some are new to the brand. Whether you are getting ready to make your first purchase or the next of many purchases, we are so happy that you are here! Our OMGs are very important to us. That means you!

Often our brand reps and models become like family, or in the case of Olivia, Kaylee, and Genna, they are family! Since you see these adorable faces all the time, and will be seeing more of them, we wanted to let you know just a little bit more about these sweet girls. Meet our very own Olive Mae Girls!

Meet Olivia!



Olivia is 8 years old and has an older and younger brother. She is a friend to everyone and loves to play mommy to younger children. Her favorite things are Girl Scouts, soccer, and crafts. Olivia also loves to tell stories, and is often found in her room putting on a show for her baby brother and dolls. She took home 1st place for first grade in the Texas state story telling championship! When Olive grows up she will sell her 33% of OliveMaeClothing and open a lemonade stand on the beach. Olivia's favorite part of modeling is hanging out with her mommy and her friends! 


Meet Aria!

There really is love at first sight…in the BST world at least.  Aria’s first ever Olive Mae piece was purchased off of the BST boards in November of 2016.  The second Aria put on the dress, we knew that we found our new favorite clothing company.  Bonus points that they are located within 20 minutes of our house!  Shortly after, Aria received a callback from Olive Mae for their shootout in Houston with Deborah Koch Photography in February of 2017.  That was also Aria’s first modeling job, which introduced a new passion to her, modeling.

As for performing in front of the camera, it helps that Aria’s role model is JoJo Siwa, so you will often find Aria in the same side ponytail and big bow as her Dance Mom’s hero.  Therefore, thanks to a combination of Olive Mae, JoJo, and other KidsTube videos, Aria has been inspired to sign with an agency in Dallas, expanded her boutique modeling portfolio, and even branched out to performing in plays and her very first commercial.

She will be 5 on December 16th, and like most kids, she HATES vegetables. What is unique is that she also dislikes ice cream, and chocolate makes her sick.  What she does love is to munch on popcorn while watching movies. When she isn’t playing dress up, she loves riding her bike, cheer, dance, playing with her best friend Cruz (Australian Shepherd), and planning her next Disney vacation!


Meet Sunday!

Sunday is 5 years old and has a younger brother and sister.  She also has a dog named Taffy.  Her favorite things are crafts, coloring, writing, drawing, photo shoots, and American Girl dolls.  She also takes ballet and tap dance classes.  When she grows up she wants to be a "pop star" and a baby doctor.  We found out about Olive Mae when we responded to a model call when she was about 2 years old.  We fell in love with how cute and easy to wear the clothes were.  Her favorite part about being an Olive Mae model is getting to hang out with her friends and try on lots of cute clothes and shoes.       

Meet Hannah!

Hannah is a 2 year old full of sweetness and sass. She has 2 older brothers, Elijah and Noah. Her best friend is her cousin Eva. In fact, they even share clothes! Hannah loves to play with baby dolls and ponies but she is just as happy playing with her brothers legos and action figures! She also loves to play in the backyard. It is the sweetest thing to see her get a new dress or outfit in the mail and watch her face light up. Unicorn and mermaid dresses are number one in her eyes. Hannah has a sweet tooth just like her mama, but she just loves good food in general. She is also a big fan of music and dancing, and loves when we have little family dance parties at home. We found Olive Mae about a year ago through an ad on Facebook. We bought a few dresses on sale, joined the online community, and have been hooked ever since. Hannah lives a few hours away from Olive Mae so she can only model occasionally, but she is getting pretty comfortable cheesing it up in front of the camera! 


Meet Genna


Genevieve is a 4 year old who loves to color and play with her dolls. She has a big brother, Justin, who makes her giggle wih all his silly jokes. Her favorite place to eat is Chick-Fil-A. She has been modeling for Olive Mae since she was 1, she's a little camera shy but she loves to get treats after photoshoots like ice cream and Shopkins!

Meet Kaylee 


Kaylee, who will be 2 in November, is Lacy's niece. She is a curious little girl who loves to explore. She is quite shy around new people, but once she settles in, Kaylee is a firecracker! Kaylee is looking forward to starting dance class and soccer in the fall. She loves to visit the library, go to the park, and play with her babies. Being Lacy's niece, Kaylee's Olive Mae collection started before she was born. We love how the pieces have been able to grow with her, starting out as dresses and finishing as tunics, and that they can be worn across seasons by layering. Her favorite part of being and Olive Mae model, is getting to play with her cousin Olivia. 

What about you?

Now that you know a little more about these sweet girls, we want to learn more about your girls! Make sure you are a part of our FB groups where you can post questions, thoughts, and pictures of your girls in Olive Mae! We even have a BST page where you can buy, sell, and trade our clothes! Inside the groups we post sneaks, play lots of games, and even occasionally give out gift cards to our customers! Friendships are formed and we get to to know other mamas better than we ever thought we could. The links are below, hope see you there! Who knows, one day this blog might feature your little OMG!


Olive Mae Clothing Insiders Club
Olive Mae Sneaks, Upcoming Sales, OOTD, & Chat Group
Olive Mae BST
To Shop Olive Mae










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An OMG Halloween ~ Everything You Need to Make the Holiday Fa-boo-lous!

An OMG Halloween ~ Everything You Need to Make the Holiday Fa-boo-lous!

It may not be Halloween quite yet, but it's getting close, and we are in the full swing of the Halloween spirit around here! The first half of our Halloween line is loading Monday, August 14th at 7 PM CST. The second half loads on Thursday at 10 AM CST. Click the link to shop! 
We are super excited about the pieces! You may have already seen a sneak by our brand rep Merce.
Click the links to follow her!

"Twist the bones and bend the back 
 Trim him of his baby fat 
Give him fur black as black, just 
~Hocus Pocus

As  we were brainstorming ideas for Halloween Tees, we had to see if any Hocus Pocus quotes would be appropriate. It was then that we realized, that the movie was pretty creepy and inappropriate in ways that went way over our heads at the time.
The good thing is, that we DID come up with some  super cute designs that add an Olive Mae vintage flair to Halloween. We kept a little bit of the spooky, but added in a ton of cuteness. Halloween tees will be available here this month: 
We know that each and every OMG is unique and special with her own personality and looks. It is very important for us at Olive Mae to honor and support diversity! That's why we give you so many options when you order OMG tees. Each style is offered in a variety of colors and sizes. Check out some of our Halloween options below!
We really love when pieces can be multi-functional! If you love to get tons of wear out of a dress, then our new pinafore style is perfect for you. It can be worn with the apron top as seen above, or it can be worn alone, making it easy to style for any occasion. The only question is, which dress will you choose?
Like our styling?
These adorable shoes are from Footmates. Check them out at

The fun and colorful tights are from We Love Colors. You can find them here. 
We hope you have a Spook-tacular Halloween!
See you Monday at 7 PM CST!
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Be an Olive Mae Model!

Be an Olive Mae Model!

Calling all potential Olive Mae Models!

Have you heard about our model call? We shared it on Facebook recently and we want to make sure you enter! Here is what our Face book post says:

"We are ready to host our first annual model call! We are searching for a broad range of girls in various sizes and looks from baby (must be able to sit up on their own) to size 10/12. If you are interested in modeling for Olive Mae, please send an e-mail to In your e-mail, make sure to include the following information:
• Child’s Name
• Age
• Clothing Size
• Shoe Size
• Height
• Weight
• Location
In addition, please attach a headshot and full body shot. They do not have to be professional photos. Let us know why you and/or your daughter would love to model for Olive Mae. We will narrow down our choices over the next couple of weeks announcing the girls that will move forward to the audition round by August 15th. At that point, we will send you more information about our OM Model Rules and mandatory in-person audition that will be held in or near Plano, TX. 
After the in-person audition, we will select models that will enter our Olive Mae model database. From September 1, 2017 to August 30, 2018, Olive Mae models for upcoming studio shoots, shootouts, and lifestyle shoots will only be selected from this database. Please only apply if you are able to travel to the shoots located near Dallas, TX on short notice. Let us know if you have any questions. Good Luck!"

Being an Olive Mae model is so much fun! Our models are some of the sweetest girls in the industry. This is a great experience for little ones who are going into the modeling/acting industry. 

When coming to the model call, we ask that only one parent attends with the child and that other family members/friends not attend. This will also be a rule at photoshoots. 

So make sure you enter! We can't wait to see you there! 
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12 Secrets About Olive Mae That Will Keep Your Daughter Dressed in Ruffles and Twirls All Year Round! #9 Will Shock You!

12 Secrets About Olive Mae That Will Keep Your Daughter Dressed in Ruffles and Twirls All Year Round! #9 Will Shock You!

Do you love twirls as much as we do? Well of course you do! That's why you came here!

This little list will explain how Olive Mae will keep your daughter dressed to the nines in ruffles, twirls, and beautiful designs all year round! 

  1. The majority of our pieces are designed for year-round wear. We use lots of different fabrics in our designs, but florals are an OM staple. In the spring and summer, just toss on a tunic or dress and a simple pair of shoes and you are ready to go.  In the fall and winter, you can layer your little one with a long sleeve layering top and some ruffles pants and you'll have a whole new cool weather look. 
  2. As mentioned in reason 1, our pieces can be worn year round, not only because you can layer for cool weather, but because the fabrics we choose are not all specific to certain occasions. So you may buy one of our lovely pieces for your girl with an occasion in mind, like the first day of school, but that piece can also be worn for many different occasions.                                              
  3. Opposite our any-occasion items, are our occasion-specific items. We have so many designs that you will likely find one for any occasion you can think of! If we haven't made one for a specific occasion then please let us know so we can get to work! Our favorite occasion specific designs are probably Christmas. There are so many fun fabrics to choose from and so many pretty dresses waiting to be made that will shine in your annual Santa pics!                                                                                                                                                            
  4. Have you heard of BST? It's an acronym for Buy, Sell, Trade. If you haven't heard of it, there is an ENTIRE ONLINE WORLD of moms who buy, sell, and trade boutique clothing. It's a great way to sell an item to close to what you bought it for (or more) and get another piece that maybe you missed at release time. It's not just a great way for parents to get deals on pieces that are pre-loved, but you can also make some moo-lah in the process. For example. Olive Mae has released several items with a retail value under $50, that have resold for over $100! Who can say no to that?                                                                                                                                    
  5.  Another way we can keep your little looking cute all year round is with our many giveaways! We love giving back to our online community, so we are often posting opportunities to win gift cards and items! Stay on the lookout at our main Facebook page here:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       
  6. On the hinge of number 5, we also have a Facebook group called the Olive Mae Clothing Insiders Club. Click here to join: We are always posting in this group along with all our Olive Mae Mamas! So join and find out what kind of fun we are having. We post special items just for our Insiders too!                                                                                                             
  7. So we had a problem. Our girlies needed something sweet to wear while getting their sport on! You know we couldn't resist starting a line of athletic wear. The pieces are true to the Olive Mae brand and couldn't BE any cuter! They are scheduled to release this month, so be on the lookout for updates.                                                                                                                                        
  8. Now that we've gotten everyday wear and sports wear covered, we want to be able to dress our girls in Olive Mae 24/7. When my cousin's sleepy 3 year old daughter came to work one day in her old tee shirt and pajama pants, I just knew I had to design some pajamas for that baby girl! This sparked our line of custom pajamas. They are going to be coming out this fall! Sign up on the site for e-mails so you can stay updated about their release.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                
  9. Maybe a little TMI, but in order to dress her from head to toe in Olive Mae, she's going to need some underwear, panties, undies, whatever you want to call them. We'll be getting our very own line of Olive Mae panties this fall! I am so super excited about this because a few years ago I fell in love with the softest bamboo fabric. I am so happy to announce that the OM panties are going to be the cutest softest underwear your little one has ever worn!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               
  10. Now that I am typing this out, I see that we are taking on a lot of new ventures. This next one will take care of her feet. Olive Mae is starting a line of shoes. We'll have boots and tennis shoes to start. Think basics in boutique style. Florals will make an appearance, as will a classic brown boot!  We can't wait for you to see!                                                                                                                              
  11. If you've been keeping up with us, you know that we started our LOVED by Lacy and Olive boxes a few months ago. I am happy to say they've been A HIT every time! We increased inventory after selling out within 30 minutes for two straight months, and we have a few left in stock at the time this is being posted, so make sure you grab them. 
Here are the details: 
  • They are NEVER discounted. Why? Because the box only costs $100 each month, but the retail value of the items inside far exceeds that. Our first month the items cost $174.
  • Each month the box comes with several items that were handpicked by Lacy (me) and Olive (my daughter). We pick things that we love and that we KNOW you and your little one will love too!
  • The contents are a SECRET every month! 
  • When you buy a box, you get first dibs at next month's box, so it is similar to a subscription except there is no registration necessary! 
  • If you missed a box the month before you still have a chance to get next month's box, you just HAVE to be on the site at release day/time because they do go FAST!                                      
12. Last but not least, we added tee shirts to our inventory early this year and we are adding designs to the collection. Check them out here:             
Keep following our blog for more sneaks, fashion tips, and insider information! See you back here soon!
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Back to School in School Garden

Back to School in School Garden

"Today you are you! That is truer than true! There is no one alive who is you-er than you!”

-Dr. Seuss

As summer vacation comes to a close, families begin to make preparations for the new school year. Kids need backpacks, lunch boxes, school supplies, and so much more. What’s my favorite part? The school wardrobe! After all, fashion is one of the best ways that kids can express their interests, tastes, and individuality. Be true to you and let your kids do the same! With all the back to school choices at Olive Mae, there is bound to be something that makes your little girl feel on top of the world. 

Hannah may only be two years old but she has serious opinions about what she should wear. Olive Mae is our go-to brand because it’s fun, affordable, and Hannah is always excited to wear the outfits.  Even better, the clothes are durable and wash well, which means that I can send them to pre-school without (too much) worrying and she can play, learn, and be her sweet, silly, and sassy self. 

School Garden loads this Monday and it is a beauty! With stunning colors, flutters, pockets, lace details, and a fantastic twirl, this dress hits everything on our checklist. As a mom, I love the little inspirational messages on this mint fabric. Here it reads "you are capable of wonderful things". That is something our girls need to hear. There are so many fun ways to style this tiered dress, and it can be worn again and again with new accessories, making it feel like a brand new piece every time. Hannah is wearing a size 3 at 37 inches and 34 pounds with room to grow. 

You really can’t go wrong with a pair of knee socks and t-strap shoes. This look is classic and perfect for a girl walking confidently into her first day of school. The socks came from Adorable Essentials, the piggy bows from Julia’s Bowtique, and the shoes are L’Amour. You would never guess that this particular pair of shoes came from a local Goodwill for just $3! Resale shops are a great place to find gently used shoes to match your Olive Mae. 

For a more casual style, we kept the socks but added a pair of cowboy boots. These are Darcy Boots from Target and cost about $25. Since Target started the new Cat and Jack line, they have been dubbed Chloe Boots. In my opinion, cowboy boots are an absolute staple in a girl’s closet, especially if its full of Olive Mae. Hannah was  having so much fun at this photo shoot marching in her boots and twirling away. For those school days where girls run and play, it is so important to add a pair of shorties under a dress. Hannah’s peach pair is from Little Fashionista Boutique.

For a sweet and innocent look we paired School Garden with some white flats. These are easy for Hannah to put on and are playground friendly. With a BOGO deal at Payless they cost about $7. We like to concentrate our funds on the dresses and find steals and deals on cute shoes to go with them.

The back of this dress is as cute as the front. Here you can see the elastic on the straps as well as along the back. This gives it an easy and flexible fit. Hannah is able to size up and down in this classic style. Bonus points to this dress for also making a great sister match to our Wildflower and Bookworm Dresses!



We live in Texas and it is hot, hot, hot! Later in the season, we will add a jean jacket or a layering shirt to take this look into cooler weather. I can’t wait to see all the ways that you and your girls style School Garden! Just like Dr. Seuss said, “there is no one alive who is you-er than you”, and that translates beautifully into fashion choices. Encourage your sweet girls to be confident in themselves as they enter this school year. Olive Mae is so pleased to be a part of your journey, and we hope to continue putting smiles on your faces, as you have put smiles on ours.

See you Monday at 7 PM CST!
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LOVED by Lacy & Olive

LOVED by Lacy & Olive

Olivia, my daughter, has been my inspiration for Olive Mae.  Now that she is getting older, she has so many of her own ideas in regards to design and gifts for little girls.  I am so proud of her, so I wanted to hand over the reins to Olivia and give her an opportunity to share a few of her favorite shopping finds with you.

In this mystery box, "LOVED" by Lacy and Olive, you will discover an Olive Mae piece designed by me and other special treasures carefully selected by Olive. A couple of fun reminders:

  • $100 per box.
  • No limit on how many you can purchase.
  • For each month, the people who purchased the previous month's box will have first dibs.  I will then post any remaining boxes on the website for purchase.
  • All boxes will be identical per month.
  • The Olive Mae item runs TTS.
  • No cart passes!
  • Limited quantity.

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Military Families

Military Families

My sweet husband joined the Navy right after our oldest son was born, and I thought what an exciting adventure we are about to go on! Some parts were super exciting, like moving exporaing a new city, making lots of new friends.  

There were also sad times like the time Manny was sent to Bahrain for two years, and that year I was pregnant with Olivia and he had to work nights so we only saw each other one night a week. Not everyone is as lucky as I am, my husband is home safe, our family is together, and this is not the truth for some families we met along our journey. We lost friends to war, to the after effects of war.

Military Families hold a special place in my heart.  We will be making a special post and having a giveaway for military families for Memorial Day. If you know a military family with an OMG girl, we would love to know their story.  Please email us and put Memorial Day in the subject line.

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